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When your Business relies on sales, only 2 things can limit your income.

The first is your sales process, the second is your ability to generate new leads consistently

Success really is a simple formula.

  1. generate lots of new high quality leads
  2. close them effectively
  3. generate more from sales than you spend to acquire the leads
  4. you make a profit!
  5. repeat again.

When you get your process right, it is magical. On the other hand, if you are having trouble generating new leads, you will have trouble with consistently making a profit.

When it comes to selling, you probably already have a system that you use

If you are like most high performing sales professionals you have spent a lot of time developing your sales process. These are the tactics that you use to close sales, get up-sells, and future sales. If you have a sales system it is likely that you are also good at closing the sale.

However, without new leads none of this matters. In order to make a sale, you need new customers. Call them leads, or call them prospects; you need someone that is interested in buying your product or service.

Do you have an effective lead generation system?

Many businesses focus on the sales process. The sales process is crucial to your success. No one disputes that. But what is your lead generation process? Do you have a system that consistently delivers you enough leads? If you do, you can stop reading here.

However, if you need more sales leads, keep reading…

Whether you are an insurance agent, or an online retailer your sales process has a number of steps. All of these are important. However, the step that directly affects your earning potential is the number of new prospective customers that you get on a consistent basis. The whole sales process starts with qualified leads. If you don’t have a consistent source of these, your income will always be inconsistent, or even non-existent.

Whether you get a referral from a previous client, a hit from a cold call, or an inbound call from advertising…all new business inquiries are leads. The more leads you get, the more chances you have to close a sale.

There are many ways that you can get leads. Some sales people mail out postcards and sales letters. Some sales people have paid referral networks, or coupon systems that drive new leads.

However, there is a more modern and effective way to do this.

The modern way to get leads – An Online Marketing System

Over the last 10 years or so, the percentage of quality sales leads acquired from online marketing channels has been consistently increasing. These channels include free traffic from Google searches and Facebook Pages.

However, most of these leads have been obtained by using Paid Traffic from Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. This trend towards paid traffic is accelerating. In 2020 half of the advertising dollars spent in North America were spent on paid traffic.

Paid Traffic is the Cornerstone of an Online Marketing System

There is a simple reason for this. Paid traffic is a much better way to build a lead generation system for any business. Here’s why…

  1. Paid traffic = instant results
    Almost immediately after your PPC campaign goes live, you’ll start to see traffic, clicks, and conversions. Meanwhile, it can take months to achieve these results with search engines and postcards or word of mouth. Seeing results instantly also allows you to adjust your campaign before you waste money. It can also be turned on / off if you ever need a few days to catch up!
  2. Paid traffic appears at the top of search pages
    If you look on both mobile and desktop searches, PPC ads are the first thing that a searcher sees, way before any organic results. PPC gives you the opportunity to appear right at the top of search pages in positions that aren’t even possible to achieve when you rely on search traffic alone. 
  3. Paid Traffic is scalable
    Let’s say in a given week you spend $1000 to get $4000 in revenue. If you want to make more, you simply increase your ad spend.
  4. Paid Traffic is consistent
    If you keep paying for the traffic Google, Facebook and Instagram will keep sending you traffic. Why wouldn’t they? You are paying them for these results!
  5. Targeting is better than any other advertising medium
    When you’re running ads you’ve got an option to target your customers with search ads, shopping ads, video ads, Gmail ads, and more. You can also target customers by their age, income and geographic locations. As your audience is fine tuned, your Return on Investment increases!
  6. Data Mining for Number-Based Decision Making Processes
    Running a PPC campaign gives you a wealth of data on the keywords and ads that your customers click on before they make a purchase. More importantly you get the same data on prospective customers that don’t buy. This data is simply invaluable. You can then use this data to quickly make changes to your campaign to better optimize it and improve your ROAS (return on ad spend).

These are 6 powerful reasons why an online marketing system can help out your business, in a variety of important ways. However, there is also another very powerful benefit to having an online marketing system. Interested? Then read on….

Online Marketing Systems also save you time and effort

This is because the following 4 steps:

  • lead generation,
  • connection with the customer,
  • qualifying,
  • demonstrating value
  • addressing (some) objections

are now combined in one automated process.

By the time a customer reaches you, they are almost ready to buy. All you have to do is sell the product. Which is what you’re already good at!

How do you put all of this to work for you?

There is really only one way for you to generate more business online. You have to try out a paid traffic campaign. In most cases it is really worth the investment of time and money. If you have the time and the interest you can set all of this up by yourself. There are a lot of accounts to set up, and you will have to do a lot of trial and error, and read a few books, but it is doable if you want to tackle this yourself.

However…There is an easier way…let us do all of this for you

We’d be glad to help you design, execute and run a profitable online marketing system that gets you long term, consistent, high quality leads. Since we have built so many of these systems, we can get you going really fast.

Just imagine how this can transform your business. You get constant fresh new leads, and all you have to do is concentrate on selling your product.

If you’re not sure…

We get it, you don’t know us. It is difficult to trust anyone these days. Especially if they are on the other side of an internet cable. Here are a few important facts about us:

  • We are a Canadian-based company that has been in the business of marketing and building websites since 1999.
  • We don’t use offshore sub-contractors.
  • Upon request we can provide you with references from real Canadian Business owners that you can contact for yourself.
  • It cost’s exactly Zero Dollars to talk with us on the phone, or by email.

We want to earn your trust

To do this, we can set up a very quick, simplified version of our system to see if it will work for you. This will only cost a few hundred of your hard earned dollars. You get to see what we can do for you, without having to risk a bunch of your money.

Our $500.00 Guarantee

Your invoice for your trial campaign will not exceed $500.00 (Canadian). That will cover the costs of setting up your ad account, and a basic media spend. There will be no quotes required, no other hidden costs or fees.

This means that even if there is some kind of error in the media spend, it will not be passed on to you!

At the end of this trial we will meet with you to discuss your results. If you like what you see we can then help you deploy one of our full-featured Online Marketing Systems.

Trial Campaigns Are Limited

We can’t build trial campaigns for everyone. Because we have to invest our own time in creating a trial campaign (for free), we can only do a limited number in any year. If you are truly interested don’t wait.

Take Action

Every day you wait is costing you sales. Contact us now. We can help you to design, execute and run a profitable online marketing system that gets you quality leads. None of that can happen unless you contact us. Call us now toll free at 1.855.437.7128 or locally at (705) 302-9878 You can also email us using the form that appears below.

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